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Code Dazzlers is an organization that contributes to the shifts from traditional face-to-face learning to the use of web technological tools which enhances collaborative learning and presents an entirely new learning platform for students.
🎯 Our major goal is to improve user accessibility and time flexibility to engage learners in learning to code and therefore excel in their career.
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Code Dazzlers is an initiative for passionate students who love programming, development and want to grow in the software field 🚀
It helps newbies by providing them proper guidance, training, and awareness about different events and beneficial programs for students and professionals in the software field 🥁
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Lots of Questions Spanning 15 Categories.

If you want to ace the coding interviews, being well-versed in all common data structures and popular problem-solving methods is paramount. With multiple questions spanning 15 categories and 4 difficulty levels, we've got you covered.

Explrore Querstions


Arrays & Strings

Pointers & Dynamic Allocation


Time & Space Complexity

Searching & Sorting

Bit Manipulation

Linkedin List

Stacks & Queues




Back Tracking

Dynamic Programming


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